We are always interested in new ways to secure our customers and their privacy, say goodbye to old registration system which asked you to write username and password. We have changed the whole system to work with an unique Authentication ID

The Authentication ID system doesn't only provide security but also provides a more simple and flawless registration

Registration is now done by only clicking a button which will generate an unique account number, this is the number which you will use to connect to DollarVPN Applications and Dashboard.

Now you might have a few questions because this system is fairly new.

  • What happens if I lose the unique account number since you don't ask for any details such as e-mail and so on?

The way we have generated the recover account number system, is that you can write one of your transaction ID and the system will provide you with the account number that is connected to that transaction ID.

  • Why don't you just use the same system as most VPN´s which is Username/Email & Password?

Most of the people that register an account use the same details on all websites they register on. How many of you use the same password that you used on other websites and forums or even facebook which got their database hacked a while ago? Yep a lot of them because the user details you use somewhere else is more easy to remember than making new passwords and usernames on every website you go into.

If a website like facebook got their database hacked and leaked tons of people will be able to download the database. When they have downloaded the database a hacker can easily use a simple software to check all the usernames & passwords into dollarvpn and see if the account is a match.

This is why we use unique authentication ID´s for connecting to DollarVPN network.

If you have any questions shoot us an email or contact our support department

Best regards

DollarVPN Security Team